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The young woman is KTICIC (a Greek inscription) or the Founding Spirit or the Creation. She carries the one foot measure of the Romans, The House Eustolis.
There are visits to archaeological sites on a yearly basis by the partners. Sites that are under study
and not open to public viewing.Roman, Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Early Christian and Lusegnan sites. We meet the teams on site , study the drawings produced and debate the relics and antiquities found. 
Our interest has come about through hearing the local folklore , myths and legends. Cities of gold and artifacts. 

The word KTICIC is the ancient greek word for creation, As a young visitor to Cyprus in 1969 it was the most influential image with the measured rod representation of the Roman foot that began my journey in Architecture , Design and Art  and images of the classical world. 

January 30 2006

Roman Villa , Cyprus
Smooth round stones
to construct the foundations
came from the sea. The
coast was probably closer
to the site in 100AD.

February 14, 2006

Early Christian Church , Cyprus
The apses show a basillican
arrangement,which is Roman
in origin.  There are  tombs just  
outside of the church near the

March 24, 2006

Capital Byzantine , Cyprus


Column capital stylised composite

arrangement from villa.

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